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Diving in France in the heart of a populism and a certain extreme right.
From xenophobia to Islamophobia through the defense of French or religious identity.


These three words are the engines of the success of a populist right in Europe.
A new uninhibited right, breaking with the symbols, rites and language of the traditional far right is emerging from the shadows. It offers programs combining personality cult, liberal economic recipes, family or Christian values, defense of freedoms and minorities, rejection of European construction ... All mixed with an almost pathological Islamophobia.

They want to fight against the “invasion” of immigrants and protect the Whites from the miscegenation that threatens their identity.

They will not say "white race", but "European civilization". Careful in the choice of the words they use, measured in their actions, impeccable in their appearance, but ultra in their ideas. These are the far-right activists of the ultra-radical movement: the Bloc Identitaire. Weak in the ballot box, the group is nevertheless very present in the media.

The Europe that these movements praise is that of a civilization, of a common history. They favor the construction of a federal Europe, based on existing Nations and its provinces steeped in history, in opposition to the Europe of technocrats. Generally classified on the extreme right of the political spectrum, the Bloc Identitaire promotes European federalism and a certain form of regionalism. He is primarily concerned with the growth of Islam in Europe and the "disaggregating" character of multiculturalism. As identity, they wish to reconcile and fully assume their triple identity: Regional (carnal identity), French (historical identity) and European (civilizational identity).

As proof of their anti-Muslim actions such as campaigns against the construction of mosques or prayers in the streets, meetings against the Islamization of Europe, sausage and red wine aperitifs or "pork soups": soups served to the homeless by the Identitaires de France in order to exclude those who do not consume pork ...

Not far on the political spectrum, Serge Ayoub, former skinhead, leader of Troisième Voie which he created in 2010, a trade union network “Troisième Voie, pour une avant garde solidariste” is a French revolutionary nationalist movement. Their demonstrations often bring together organizations of several tendencies including Italian Nazis screaming, arms raised, Zieg Heil ...

Following the death of Clément Méric, a far-left activist, in June 5, 2013, caused by a brawl between two Third Way nationalists and a radical left group, the Council of Ministers dissolved Third Way from which skinheads and JNR (Revolutionary Nationalist Youth) directed by Serge Ayoub.

December 2012, not a performance of Golgota Picnic in Paris could take place without a mobilization of fundamentalist Christians in front of the doors of the Théâtre du Rond Point. These Catholics want to “wash away the blasphemy” generated by the play “Golgota Picnic” by Rodrigo Garcia. The majority are fundamentalist Christians, young and old, families, abbots in cassocks and even a group of Poles dressed in red capes, theatrically rubbing a crucifix on the poster of the show. They are there, kneeling, rosary in hand, lit by candles, for a "vigil of prayer in reparation", a hundred meters from the "blasphemous" theater where the play is being played in which, according to them, a Christ on the cross is. soiled.

Under the tricolor flag marked with the Sacred Heart, emblem of a France eldest daughter of the Church, they responded to the call of Civitas, a political movement of fundamentalist Catholics who came to denounce this “Christianophobic” piece.

Civitas is a work of political and social reconquest aimed at re-Christianizing France, it is "a Catholic lobby which aims to influence society by inspiring it with the doctrine of the Church" according to Alain Escada, its secretary general.

Linked to the ultras of the Society of Saint Pius X whose priests in cassocks celebrate the vigils, Alain Escada denies being a Lefebvriste and maintaining any organic link with the Society. "Disappointed by the particratique system" in which he participated for twenty-five years as spokesperson for a current of the Belgian FN, he castigates those who, "in the arts, have an open hostility to Christ", crucifying pell-mell "Fédéric Mitterrand, contemporary artists and theater directors". He intends to deliver a message to Christians: "Do not be ashamed any longer, we are not the last of the Mohicans" and promises

"After an Arab spring, a Catholic autumn".

The high point of the mobilization had led these ultra practitioners to theaters all over France for a long march against Christianophobia. All present to defend the honor of Christ!

Thanks to aggressive communication, his association stirs up in its processions a politico-religious galaxy that ranges from the disappointed of the FN to radical nationalist groups such as the French Renewal or the Identity Block.


Lizzie SADIN

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