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    B efore photography, Lizzie was, for ten years, successively educator, social worker

with disadvantaged populations in the Parisian suburbs, then trainer for adults, teachers and illiterate youth,

then trainer in the teaching of reading.

She has led internships with different audiences in training of trainers and in direct training, in particular, workers in retraining in the steel industry in Longwy (Lorraine) or around Paris.


Contemplative passionate about photography in front of the photographs of Sebastiao Salgado, Eugene Smith, Dorothee Lange, Walker Evans, Eugène Richards and other humanist photographers, she decided in 1992 to become a photographer and to testify on what she saw too much being ignored and hidden, with in-depth reports on social subjects relating to Human Rights.


She joined Robert Doisneau's Rapho agency in 1994, then Editing agency in 2002.

She is now represented by Polaris Images, New York.


She has been interested in Arab Israelis, Kosovo after the chaos, Illegal immigration in Europe,  Pollution in Silesia, Adolescent obesity, Transexuals, Isolated foreign minors, Deforestation in the Amazon rainforest, Teenage mothers ...


For three years, from 1996 to 1998, she has worked on “Is this how women live?”, a photographic reportage on domestic violence in France, for which she has been traveling through the emergency services of hospitals, women's homes, police stations, foster homes, courthouses ... Wherever battered women, victims of domestic violence, find shelter, care, dignity too ...


A second part, “Males en Poing” (Violent spouses) gave the perspective of the perpetrators of violence, the men. The ensemble has been rewarded with numerous prizes such as, among others, the Care International Grand Prix for Humanitarian Report in 1998 or has been finalist in 2001 for the Niepce Prize.

Her photographs illustrated the Amnesty International's worldwide campaign against violence against women in 2006.


She has also worked in 2000 on Infanticide and the selective elimination of little girls in India with "Die and send us your brother ...", in 2004 on early marriages of little girls in Ethiopia with "Such little brides… ”, on women victims of trafficking in Moldova and on sex tourism and the sexual exploitation of minors in Madagascar, then on the trafficking of women in Israel with“ Promised Land, Promised Women… ”in within the framework of the Pierre BOULAT Prize which she received in 2011.


She devoted herself for 8 years, from 1999 to 2007, to a long work on the conditions of detention of the children in the world, "Mineurs en peines" (Minors behind bars). Out of the 60 countries approached, she managed to enter in 69 prisons in 12 countries spread over 4 continents. Poor or rich countries, countries at peace and countries at war, democratic countriesand non-democratic countries. This reportage will obtain several awards, including the Visa d'Or 2007, the Special Jury Prize Days Japan Tokyo, the Top D'or at the Shenyang International Photojournalism Festival and will be a finalist for the Eugene Smith New York Prize in 2008 and others...


The first part of this work, in russian prisons, illustrated Amnesty International's global campaign on the fate of children in detention in Russia as well as the “Horizon, children deprived of liberty” campaign of BICE chaired by Robert BADINTER.


In 2011, she began to work on extremisms, from radical Islamism in Europe to the rise of fascism in Hungary with “Buda… Peste Brune” (Far right in Hungary) or on the Far Right in France and elsewhere…


In 2017, she received the Carmignac Photojournalism Prize and worked on “Le Piège” (The Trap), a work on slavery and trafficking in women in Nepal.


She also collaborates with humanitarian organizations such as Human Rights Watch, Unicef, Terre des Hommes, Plan International, Médecins du Monde, Fondation Abbé Pierre, Acted, Amnesty International, Planète Enfant et Développement, and many others ...


2017: Laureate of the CARMIGNAC Prize for Photo-journalism Paris

2015 and 2013: AFD Prize Finalist, French Development Agency

2011: Finalist for the Foto Evidence Book Award New York

2010: Winner of the Pierre and Alexandra BOULAT Paris Prize

2010: Finalist for the Photography Prize of the Académie des Beaux Arts Paris

2010 and 2009: Finalist for the Anthropographia Prize for Human Rights Montreal

2009: Finalist for the Prix CARMIGNAC Paris

2009: Winner of the Special Jury Prize DAYS JAPAN Tokyo

2008: Finalist for the Eugène Smith New York Prize

2008: Laureate of the TOP D'OR Shenyang International Photojournalism Festival

2007: Winner of VISA D'OR Magazine, Visa pour l'image

2007: Winner of the SPECIAL JURY PRIZE Angers Photojournalism Festival

2004: Winner of the 3 P SCHOLARSHIP created by Yann Arthus-Bertrand

2002: Laureate of the FNAC Attention Talent Photo Paris Prize

2001: Finalist for the Prix Niepce Paris

1998: Winner of the CARE International Grand Prize for humanitarian reporting

1997: Winner of the SPECIAL JURY PRIZE at the Angers Photojournalism Festival


2018: Saatchi Gallery London

2017: Hôtel de l'Industrie as part of the Carmignac Photojournalism Award in Paris

2015: Exhibition at the Town Hall of Tremblay in France

2013: Zoom Photo Festival of Saguenay Canada

2012: Exhibition at the Palais des Nations Unies Geneva

2011: Val d'Europe multimedia library Marne La Vallée

2010: Galerie Fait et Cause Paris

2008: Amnesty International City of Paris

2008: Photographic Meetings "Engaged Photographers" Créteil

2008: L'Archipel, National Scene of Guadeloupe Basse-Terre

2007: Visa pour l'Image Couvent des Minimes Perpignan

2006: Sponsor of the Noisiel Photographic Meetings

2006: Galerie Fait et cause Paris

2006: Festival Chroniques Nomades Honfleur

2006: Exhibition at the Bayeux Calvados Prize for Bayeux War Correspondents

2006: Media library of the City of Roanne

2006: DIDE Foundation (Dignity in Detention) Women in prison Geneva

2006.: Chanel Asia, Tokyo

2005: Visa pour l'Image, Palais des Corts Perpignan

2004/2005: “Horizon, Children Deprived of Liberty” BICE campaign with around fifty FNAC Photo galleries in France, Brussels, Geneva

2003/2004: “Les Enfants du Bagne” in around forty FNAC photo galleries in France and abroad as part of Amnesty International's global Russia campaign

1998: Visa pour l'Image, Palais des Corts Perpignan

1996-2000: “Is this how women live? »In numerous DRDF and Dom Tom and with associations for the defense of women's rights in Switzerland and Italy.



2020: Exhibition "Carmignac Photojournalism Prize: 10 years of reporting"

Villa Carmignac, Porquerolles

2016: My DarkRoom, collective of photographers, USA Exhibition at SCAM,

then to the Reduced Space, to Central and the Alcazar

2012: Fait et Cause Galerie, Droit de Regards, Amnesty International and the photographers 40 years of collaboration, Group exhibition with Magnum photographers

2012: “Crual and Unsual” Galerie Noordelicht, Gronigen, Holland

2012: Photoville Brooklyn, Dumbo, New York

2011: Foto Evidence Book Award. Gallery VII Brooklyn, New York

2011: The House of Europe, London

2011: Participation in the Amnesty International Photo Pocket book exhibition and in the Rencontres Photographiques d'Arles exhibition

2010: Carnavalet Museum with Rupture Ado

2009: Auction of my prints for the benefit of Human Rights Watch Paris

2008: Figaro Magazine "30 years of emotion" on the gates of the Senate Paris

2008: Participation in "34 Views against oblivion" book on forgotten causes according to MDM

2008: Participation in the book “Grands Reporters, Carnets Intimes” Elocoquent, Paris

2008: Participation in the book "Women & Men of conviction, What engagement means" Éditions Aubanel

2007: Participation in Coline Serreau's film on domestic violence

2006: Revue “Autrement” and Amnesty International, Portfolio in:

"Report on violence against women, a matter of state"

2005: Poster campaign against Human Trafficking, Paris

2004: Horizon book, Children deprived of liberty, prefaced by Robert Badinter.

2004: BNF National Library of France "Committed Photography"

2005: Children Deprived of Liberty at the United Nations Palace, New York

2004: UNESCO, photographic exhibition for ACAT's 30th anniversary

2004: FNAC photo collection La Conciergerie Mois de la Photo, Paris

2000: Exhibition "Women Reporters" Paris City Hall

1998: Fiftieth anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights under the High Patronage of the UN Geneva.



Paris Match, Polka Magazine, Le Monde daily and Le Monde M, Géo, Figaro Magazine, Le Point, Le Nouvel Observateur, Marie-Claire France and international editions, Marianne, ELLE France and Editions Internationales, VSD, Femme Actuelle, Alternatives internationales, La Vie, Télérama, Le Parisien, La Croix, L'Express, Liberation, Humanité Dimanche, Le Pèlerin, Le Parisien ...


Time, New York Times Lens, la Republica de la Donna, "D", Stern, Die Zeit, Fémina, La tribune de Genève, Reportage, Business Week, Foto, International magazine of photo-journalism, Scientific American, Interviu,

Gazeta Wyborcza, Days Japan, Duzy Format, El Semanal, etc ...

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