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Across practically all of Europe, for the first time since the end of World War II, the extreme right is experiencing a spectacular revival. Xenophobia and Islamophobia are the driving forces behind the success of a populist right in Europe. They make the link between this civilized and well-dressed extreme right and more clearly extremist groups, which hold the same discourse, but stronger and more bluntly.

The specter of Eurabia lurks and spreads, political thesis according to which Europe would be absorbed by the Arab world, because of the betrayal of the European elites or the immigration and the high fertility rate of the Muslim populations in Europe becoming thus in the majority and often being associated with ideas of incompatibility between Islam and the values ​​of the West. This phenomenon is

Pan-European. The face to face relationship between identitarians and radical Islamists is radicalized and above all it is spreading ...

In England, the novelty comes from an informal movement classified to the far right and very dynamic, the English Defense League (EDL). He is absent from the polls, does not stand for election, does not issue a membership card, but recruits via Facebook and the internet or during football matches, then takes to the streets, makes “punchy” speeches around simple ideas: we are not racists, we love our country and we want to defend it against Islamist monstrosities and we are ready to fight for that.

We do not want to live under the rules of "Sharia". We don't hate Muslims, just extremists, others are our friends ”. Officially EDL is non-racist, officially only.

He denounces the strong presence of "Pakis" in Bradford or Clayton or even in Tower Hamlets, in north-east London, which are home to more than 70% of Muslims and a "proliferation" of community and religious places, mosques, ethnic businesses and denounces the growing and very visible multitude of these "ghost" women of whom only a pair of eyes can be seen. The little girls are no less touched, all dressed in black and wearing the niqab.

EDL affirms that the organization is not intended to fight Muslims but rather fundamentalist Islam which wants to establish Sharia law in England before 2040 if nobody does anything ... The EDL then organizes meetings and parades in cities with a large Muslim population and its leader, Tommy Robinson, has a very virulent speech and calls for the mobilization of all against Islam.

His words and his ideas met with a certain echo among white Englishmen, downgraded or unemployed workers. The hard core is made up of white men from the working class, between 20 and 40 years old, in their prime. The arrival of army soldiers is even a boon for EDL. "We are not going to hide our face, we need strong arms, guys ready to knock against Muslim extremists." Physical intimidation is part of the game. The English Defense League runs fast and hits hard.

EDL was formed in March 2009 in response to provocations from an organization of Muslim extremists "El Mouhajiroun" created by Anjem Choudary and Omar Bakri who denounced the British intervention in Iraq and Afghanistan to the cry of "British troops burn in hell ! " "English troops, go burn in hell!"

Across England and as far as Scotland and Wales, the EDL has a hundred "divisions". It creates one every week. The stated goal is to fight Islamization and more particularly Muslim extremism, which he compares to fascism, through numerous demonstrations bringing together hundreds or even thousands of people in several cities of the country since its creation. At a press conference in 2009, they burned a Nazi flag in front of the cameras ...

It is not uncommon to find Israeli flags during their demonstrations. The enemies of our enemies ...

That day, September 3, 2011, the protest was allowed, but Tommy Robinson was banned from participating. The government did everything to make this protest difficult. All metro lines approaching the meeting place are closed for the day, helicopters fly over the area, police surround protesters and mounted police are on the alert. On a small platform planted in the middle of the crowd, a rabbi from Israel is called for the occasion, a man comes forward. Despite his curly wig and sunglasses, the crowd recognized EDL founder Tommy Robinson. He takes off the "mask" and takes the microphone to the clamor. He won't speak for long, the police brutally charge and take him away. He will go to jail for several days.

IN FRONT, THE RADICAL MUSLIMS: Muslims Against Crusades (MAC) is a very small organization headed by Anjem Choudary, of Pakistani origin, he is the co-founder with Omar Bakri of Al-Muhajiroun, banned in 2005 by England, then spokesperson for Al Ghurabaa, banned in 2006, and former leader of Islam4UK, banned in 2010.

Its objective is nothing less than the application of Sharia law in England. After the attacks of September 11, 2001, Choudary praised the terrorists and gave them the name of "magnificent", he approached and also adopted the rhetoric of Al-Qaida.

British media accused him of indoctrinating and inciting British Muslims to terrorism.

Women4Shariah or Islam4Britain, radical Islamist movements, also openly advocate the Islamization of the country and even set a deadline: 2040! This has the effect of making EDL's discourse credible.

On May 7, 2011, hundreds of Muslims and MAC members held a pro-Bin Laden rally outside the US Embassy in London and offered a funeral prayer for Bin Laden. The black Jihad flag was raised in London and the demonstrators chanted "Takbir", rallying cry during the holy war in the land of Islam ...

To mark the 10th anniversary of the attack of September 11, 2001, about 200 men demonstrated in front of the American embassy burning flags and shouting in megaphones to prevent the minute of silence and meditation that the American authorities wanted. They then marched through London, displaying signs advocating Sharia for the UK and announcing that Islam will rule the world, all under the benevolent and high protection of the police ...

Home Secretary Theresa May banned the group after it said it wanted to demonstrate against Remembrance Day in honor of veterans. Could it finally be a belated awakening of the English government?

This long face to face between these two radical groups has only highlighted the existence of what is called the

“Londonistan” and the laissez-faire attitude of the British authorities who for years allowed things to get worse for fear of being accused of racism or of excessive democracy.

Later, in September 2012, these same groups marched against France and Charlie Hebdo, which had published carricatures of Muhammad on the cover. The explicit signs promise us:

"Sharia for France" and "Islam will rule the world" ....

Lizzie SADIN

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