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Each year, thousands of anonymous women are trapped in dangerous affairs. We are constantly reminded of the issue of domestic violence. Domestic hell has long shown us female victims.


I had already lifted the veil on this taboo subject between 1996 and 1998 with: "Is this how women live?"

I then had to consider men as well! Men, guilty of violence rather than "perpetrators of violence" ...

Men, males in pain, males in fist…. Who are these men?

What do they say about this violence which is theirs? It is rarely discussed.

What is the response given by the social body?

To stop the violence, it is necessary to change the behavior of these men. Not to make them change their attitude is to take the risk of seeing women victims of violence for a long time and some of them die of it.

It is taking the risk of leaving children witnesses and therefore victims of this violence. Not to mention the fact that, according to statistics, a not insignificant part of them will reproduce the violence seen in the couple of their parents.

Reproduction does it seem in about 40% of cases! ...


Recently, France and more widely Europe, have been listening to violent men. The responses provided, at the same time police, penal, social, therapeutic and medical testify to this recent awakening.

In France, initiatives for the treatment of violent men are multiplying and gaining ground.


This report aims to raise awareness, inform, alert, denounce and make known to the men perpetrators of this violence the sanctions they incur, the possibilities of treatment, the injunctions of justice and the pilot experiments.

And always, raising awareness, alerting and informing women about the need to ...


Don't be silent anymore!


Report from these violent men ...

Lizzie SADIN

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